Cindy Whiteman

Graphic Designer

Creative Soul

Swisher Reunion Notebook

Client: Curt Swisher
Role: Designer
Project Goal: Design all graphic elements needed
for the Swisher Reunion DVD set
Medium: Swisher Reunion DVD set emblem,
printed package, printed DVD labels, printed CD
case insert, printed brochure, printed order forms,
and business card.
Images: Provided by Curt Swisher

This project involved multiple parts. It all started
with the emblem, which needed to include the
family tree. I created this with Adobe Illustrator.
Then I made all of the other parts, including
the CD label, elements for the CD case, three
different order forms, the brochure, and
the packaging.

Since all of this was printed on a home printer and
and folded/glued by hand, I needed to include
light lines indicating where to cut and fold.
Curt Swisher did all of the printing, cutting,
folding, and assembling. Many of these Swisher
Family Notebook sets are now in the hands of
Swisher relatives.

Curt Swisher business card, front Curt Swisher business card, back