Cindy Whiteman

Graphic Designer

Creative Soul

Bread Basket Deli

Client: Bread Basket Deli
Role: Designer
Project Goal: Re-brand an existing company with
a logo and business card. Also create a brochure
for their catering menu. This a fictitious project
for an existing company.
Medium: Printed tri-fold brochure.
Images: Retrieved

For this logo, I played off the really large
sandwiches that the Bread Basket Deli is known
for. Looking at the shape of the logo, it seemed
natural to use narrow columns for the
catering brochure.

For the envelope and letterhead, I kept the logo
and information in the upper left corner or at the
top so that the coloring would not interfere with
the rest of the information on the envelope or
the letter.

Bread Basket Deli Business Card project, page 1 Bread Basket Deli Business Card project, page 2