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I have always been creative. As a child, I learned how to make multiple types of crafts. I have made
crocheted potholders, sewed dresses, made cakes, and done many kit projects. As an adult, I was a
drafter for many years. Recently I reinvented myself and have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in
graphic design. I have a new, productive outlet for my creativity, although I will still work on crafts
in my spare time.

I really enjoy using Illustrator. It is very similar to the CAD programs that I have used in the past.
The pen tool is my favorite. I can draw any shape that I can dream up using simple vector lines and
curves. The effects are very handy as well. InDesign is probably my second favorite program. All the
different elements of a design come together nicely using InDesign. I really enjoy making something
for print. There is nothing like seeing a design on some object instead of floating around in the digital
world. I would love to design more packaging for products. I also love making magazine layouts.
Pulling in all of the different elements into a design and making them say what you want them to say
is very intriguing.

I want people to enjoy my projects, but the project has to meet its goals first. As many perfectionists
do, I keep tweaking small things over and over. There is a fine line between whether the last tweak
really made a difference and whether it is just making edits to make edits. I have to take a step back
and ask if the project clearly communicates everything that it needs to communicate to the target
audience. If it does that, then it is done; if not, then it needs to be reworked. I want to keep growing
as a graphic designer and continue to do bigger and better projects. I hope everyone enjoys my work.

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